Why Hello Benji

by Robert G. Greathouse on Oct 10th 2020

Finance applications tend to come in two flavors, personal finance software and business accounting software. Personal finance apps like Mint, Personal Capital, and YNAB are focused on net worth, investments, retirement estimating, and personal budgeting. Business applications like Quicken and Quickbooks are accounting suites. These tools are useful for business that require payroll tracking, depreciation tracking, and other advanced accounting concerns.

Where does hello benji fit?

There is a lack of financial applications for the individual business owner, the freelancer, the gig worker, the independent contractor. These business owners have different concerns than a small to medium sized business owner. Business revenue from single-owner business have direct impact on the owner's personal finances. Gig worker payouts affect the personal taxes owed for the individual. Money earned via form 1099 needs to be tracked differently than W2 employees. This is where hello benji fits. Hello Benji was created by fellow independent contractors with a direct focus on the sole proprietor business owner.

What can hello benji do?

Hello Benji enables you to forecast your year-end taxes. Additionally, hello benji can track your expenses, deductions, and income in real-time to provide your current tax liability. Your forecasted taxes can then be compared with your current taxes to provide accurate year-end estimates. Knowing these numbers at all times of the year will help reduce the stress and anxiety we all feel at tax time.

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