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by James Armstead on Oct 16th 2020

hello benji is built to give you more comfort in understanding what your financial future looks like and today, that got a bit easier.

Free Income Tax Calculator

To help you take the first step in understanding how much you may owe as Tax Season looms, we have a simple version of our Forecasting tool available to the public. Remember, Forecasting is available for free inside of our accounts and you're able customize to a much greater detail than our simple calculator. try it out here.

Give it a try:

Where do you file taxes?
Total non-w2 income (1099s)
Total estimated salary for the year.
How much do you think you will deduct this year?
Tax from Self-Employment
Total Tax
Current Tax Owed
A hello benji account can give you an accurate estimate for what your currently owe in taxes.
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