Self-employed and frustrated with your financial management?

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The hello benji advantage

Most business financial tools are built for medium-sized business.
You have different needs and we are here for you.

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Easy Customization
Create a personalized plan for your goals and life needs.
Super Fast
Access to your current finances, no waiting for an appointment or paying an hourly rate here.
Save Money
Find thousands of dollars in opportunities and tax savings each year.
Built for you
No matter if you're a freelancer, hairdresser, farmer, or anyone who gets a 1099 tax form we are here for you.
Not just a bookkeeper
Keep your expenses, finances, and goals all on track - in one easy app.
Make Tax season a breeze
Stop fretting about tax season, be prepared for it.
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Forecasting your future

Never waste weeks of time and money waiting for answers on your finances. We enable you to plan your future when and how you want it, just add your options and adjust to your lifestyle. For Free.

Maximize your money

By scanning your transactions we can help you find tax savings and investment opportunities to capitalize on your money.

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Weekly financial recaps

Stay up to date on how your finances are changing, what is outstanding, and where you can save. In your email. Without doing anything.

Finance Autopilot
Confidently approach tax season with a plan to maximize your money, so you can focus on making more of it.
Carefully Crafted
Created by fellow self-employed and solopreneurs partnered with certified accounting and financial professionals.
Stop Worrying
Keeping your finances in focus, without needing to wait for your accountant to call you.

People are excited

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I'm excited that this product will help our contractors be more confident in their month-to-month finances, helping them gain productivity year-round!

CM Consultant Manager
Large outdoor brand
Planning for the future will be so much easier with hello benji, just being able to understand my tax options without going to an accountant is huge!

TC Consultant
Tech Consultant
This is a fantastic option for every day finances without having to pay an accountant $200 for a 1 minute question.

BO Owner
Business owner


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